Pediatric Dental Emergency Care


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Do not hesitate to give us a call if your child has a dental emergency.

  • Knocked Out Tooth
  • Toothache or Other Dental Pain
  • Swelling or Infection
  • Lost Filling or Crown
  • Facial, Lip, or Tongue Trauma

Pediatric Dental Emergency

As your child begins learning how to navigate the world around them, accidents are bound to happen. Usually, those accidents won’t result in any injuries, but it’s not all that uncommon that a fall or a collision can cause trauma to a child’s face, teeth, or mouth. Once in a while, it may even result in a pediatric dental emergency.

Damaged or knocked-out teeth or significant injury to the soft tissue of your child’s mouth can be shocking, but it’s important to remain calm and seek an urgent pediatric dentist as soon as you can.

The team at San Diego Children’s Dentistry will help put both you and your child at ease in the event of a pediatric dental emergency by providing your little one with the compassionate care they need as soon as possible.

What Is a Pediatric Dental Emergency?

A pediatric dental emergency is any issue with your child’s oral health that requires immediate attention. These issues range from the obvious, such as a knocked-out permanent tooth, to the less obvious, such as an object caught in the teeth.

While there are different levels of urgency for different pediatric dental emergencies, one thing remains true: your best bet in the event of one is to seek the help of an urgent pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

Different Kinds of Pediatric Dental Emergencies

There are certain pediatric dental emergencies that you will recognize the moment you see them, but that won’t necessarily always be the case. Certain dental issues may not seem as urgent as they really are. It’s important to recognize these issues so that you can act accordingly should they occur.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Pediatric Dentist Near Me?

If your child is in need of an urgent pediatric dentist, don’t waste any time. Contact San Diego Children’s Dentistry now.