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Boys white teeth biting candy

Is Fruit Bad for Your Teeth?

The health benefits of fruit are well-documented, which is why they’re likely your sweet treat of choice when trying to eat well. However, there’s also quite a bit of sugar in fruit, and many of them have a high acid content, as well. This might raise some questions for you when you’re trying to balance

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A Guide to Sedation in Dentistry for Children

Parents can understandably get a little nervous at the prospect of pediatric procedural sedation for their child’s pediatric dental care and procedures. But calm parents can be a source of comfort for children who are already scared of the dentist. In this article, we’ll help you understand what to expect when your child needs to

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Little Girl Brushing Teeth

6 Creative Ways to Encourage Tooth Brushing for Kids

Being a good parent requires a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a whole lot of creativity. This is especially true when it comes to getting your little one to form good habits, like regularly brushing their teeth. It’s almost never enough to tell them about the dangers of poor oral hygiene; you’re

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Girl in Pediatric Dentist Chair

Tips for Children Who Hate the Dentist

There are many adults who find the prospect of a visit to the dentist to be anxiety-inducing, so it’s understandable when children are fearful of the dentist, too.    But while it’s easy to sympathize with a little one who is reluctant to come in for a simple check-up, it’s imperative that they work through

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Pediatric Dentist looking at child

The Key Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

When it comes to dental care, it’s not uncommon for all the members of a family to see the same general dentist. But just as a pediatrician focuses on treating childhood injuries and illnesses, pediatric dentists are specifically trained to treat pediatric dental issues. Pediatric dentists receive the same training as a general dentist. After

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Boy smiling after dentist visit

5 Important Facts You Should Know About Baby Teeth

Most people think of baby teeth as an expendable first set of teeth that aren’t that important to care for since they’ll fall out or be removed eventually anyway. However, baby teeth, or deciduous teeth, are just as sensitive to decay and damage as adult teeth, and their level of upkeep can greatly affect a

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